EZNC and Jagran

The European Zoo Nutrition Centre (EZNC) has expertise on keeping zoo animals, (exotic) pets and hobby animals, and our objective is to share that knowledge. Would you like to know more?
Don’t hesitate to contact us for information about services such as on-site training, workshops or presentations.
The EZNC is a branch of Jagran BV, the animal science consultancy firm. While the EZNC’s emphasis is animals held for other than production purposes, both of Jagran’s other arms do focus on production animals. The Agricultural Department answers questions of interest in that sector. Help is available on a range of issues: from animal nutrition and additives to legal support (a legal expert). The focus of Jagran BV’s third arm is Short Cycle Animals: those with a short, quick life cycle. This group is working, for example, on setting up large-scale rearing of insects and other species as a source for human and animal nutrition.

More information about Jagran BV can be found on www.jagran.nl. To learn more about mass insect rearing, visit www.meatthesolution.com.
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