Gencorn provender at Dutch farms

Source: de Volkskrant
According to Greenpeace, the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) has blocked provender at several Dutch farms, as the feed seems to be polluted by genetically modified corn.
The American corn does not form a health threat but is forbidden on the European market.
The polluted corn ended up at farmers and producers of feed. Awaiting the investigation, which will take several weeks, feed producers are not allowed to sell the feed. The farmers are allowed to feed their animals with it, but they are not allowed to sell it.
The environmental organisation has asked the Prosecution Counsel to start a criminal investigation in order to investigate the illegal import of genetically modified corn in Rotterdam last April. It is suspected that the cargo was mixed with corn from an earlier transport.
Next week, two ships of American corn gluten are expected in Rotterdam. Greenpeace demands that this cargo will be thoroughly checked. It also wishes to receive samples, to test them under their own supervision.