New deals in Dutch animal food chain

Source: LNV
In recent years, the animal food chain has taken steps to establish the quality of animal feed, after several incidents had occurred.
The GMP+-system has been sharpened and fabrics of mix feed have started a quality system to guarantee the acquisition of good raw material. (TrusQ en SafeFeed). Also the dairy industry and the meat industry have indicated to purchase milk and animals only from those that take the quality of animal feed serious.

The ministry of LNV has initiated the Enabling Legislation Animal Feed, as well as the Animal Hygiene Regulation. It hold that all companies that deal with animal feed, such as the production, transport, trade or feeding, must be registered with the VWA and are obliged to follow the animal feed instructions.

Despite these initiatives and developments, several incidents with animal feed have taken place in recent years. Because of this, minister Veerman has invited stakeholders from the entire animal feed chain to think through how each chain partner from its own responsibility can decrease the chance of incidents.