World-famous marmot

Source text and photo:
What was supposed to be a time-lapse video of a park in the United States became a social media blockbuster. The star? A marmot from Glacier National Park during an intimate moment with the camera.
A small team from Greenpeace headed to Glacier National Park in the United States and set up a camera to film a time-lapse video. They were hoping to showcase the magnificence of the park, to make clear what will be destroyed if land is sold for coal mining that leads to climate change. Their work, however, proceeded a bit differently than planned. A marmot discovered the camera and decided to give it a good licking. Then the animal nudged the camera and aimed the lens at the ground. Goodbye time-lapse film.

Greenpeace staff can laugh about this escapade, especially since the clip of the marmot licking the camera is quite popular. In their blog, they call it ‘the best Greenpeace photobomb ever’. Though it was not very clever of the marmot to endanger the film that could save him and his home, maybe users of social media will save the day by providing the attention Greenpeace needs to make its point.