Source: www.entowarehouse.com
In November, www.entowarehouse.com opened its digital doors. This Dutch start-up is responding to the insect production trend. There was already supply, there was already demand; now supply and demand are being brought together at a central location.
Insect products are a worldwide trend, with items such as cricket flour and insect bars being put on the market. Still, these products aren’t reaching the consumer or customer adequately because many producers are small start-ups with plenty of technical expertise but little marketing knowledge. Entowarehouse was established in order to provide all of these innovative producers with the attention they deserve.

The website works just like a department store. Producers can register and then sell their own creations however they like. In turn, customers can easily view the entire range of products.

Insects are a natural component of the diets of fishes, chickens and cats. Actually, the human diet in a significant portion of the world includes insects on a daily basis. Europe, North America and Australia are just now discovering the benefits. Insects contain generous amounts of protein, minerals and iron. An additional advantage is that much less agricultural land, water and feed are required for rearing insects than for raising the animals we are used to eating. Insects are thus the answer to the world’s increasing demand for healthy nutrition.