Burgers’ Zoo best visited zoo of the Netherlands in 2006

Source: Nederlandse Vereniging van Dierentuinen
In 2006 over ten million people paid a visit to one or more zoos, connected to the Dutch Association of Zoos (NVD), causing a better economical situation, as well as many zoological renovations. The weather has not quite been a positive factor and lowered the number of visitors.
In 2006, Burgers’ Zoo was the best visited zoo, counting 1.5 million visitors. 2006 has therefore been a productive year for the zoo. Remarkable births were seen with the wrinkled hornbill, de hyacinth macaws and the white-tailed eagles. Apart from that a Sri Lanka panther triplets, several Finnish forest reindeers, a blue-spotted stingray and epaulette sharks were born. But Burgers' Zoo was especially happy about the birth of a white rhinoceros, which was very important genetically.

Again in 2007, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) will organise a nature conservation campaign, in which the NVD zoos will also take part. This year, the campaign will focus on the flora and fauna of Madagascar.