Source: Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
Birds of Prey, Health and Disease
In 2002, the third edition of the book entitled "Veterinary Aspects of Captive Birds of Prey" came out. In this edition, the author has paid much attention to the history of falconry. It appeared that already in 1486 there was discussion going on about an illness in goshawks.
This latest edition has added chapters about infection diseases, parasites, feeding and neurological defects, as well as additions about the birdsÂ’ anatomy and the poisoning of wild birds of prey.

Since the appearance of the first edition, knowledge about the medication and pathology of wild birds has increased a lot. Nevertheless, the new edition is far from complete. The overview is sometimes hard to be found, and the use of photographic imagery is sparse.

Author: John E. Cooper, 2002
Pages: 345
ISBN 0-632-05115-9