The dental troubles of dogs

Source: animal protection society
According to a press report from the Dutch Pet vererinarian Group, which cooperated with Pedigree, half of the dogs face serious dental troubles. From the 20.000 dogs that underwent a dental check-up in February, half of them appeared to have 'serious dental trouble'.
Immediate action was necessary. Many dogs received a professional dental cleaning by a vet. In this way, more harm was prevented.

For dogs, good dental care is important all year through. Dental plaque and tartar are the biggest malefactors for the teeth. By visiting a vet, dental problems can be treated on time. Thus, dog owners can safeguard their pet for serious complaints, such as loss of teeth, damaging of vital organs, and a bad breath. However, preventing is always better than healing. Dog teeth can easily be kept healthy with a combination of regular brushing, chewing special chewing sticks, and a yearly dental check-up by a vet.