Source: Robert J. Young, Blackwell Science Ltd, 2003, ISBN10: 0632064072, ISBN13: 9780632064076
Environmental Enrichment For Captive Animals

Environmental enrichment is a simple and effective means of improving animal welfare in any species - companion, farm, laboratory and zoo. For many years, it has been a popular area of research, and has attracted the attention and concerns of animal keepers and carers, animal industry professionals, academics, students and pet owners all over the world.
This book is the first to integrate scientific knowledge and principles to show how environmental enrichment can be used on different types of animal. Filling a major gap, it considers the history of animal keeping, legal issues and ethics, right through to a detailed exploration of whether environmental enrichment actually works, the methods involved, and how to design and manage programmes. The first book in a major new animal welfare series, it draws together a large amount of research on different animals. It provides detailed examples and case studies and is an invaluable reference tool for all those who work with or study animals in captivity.