Source: Barron's Educational Series
Tarantula Keeper's Guide

This book gives a lot of information about tarantulas. It can be used by collectors of exotic pets, and for life science students specializing in arachnids (spiders and their relatives).
The book starts with a detailed description of the tarantula's origins, anatomy, and physiology. Comprehensive information on care, housing, and feeding is provided for all who want to keep one or more tarantulas as pets or for scientific research. And for those who prefer to do it themselves, there is even advice on where and how to capture a tarantula in the wild! Tables classify tarantulas according to classes, orders, families, and subfamilies. Still another table outlines measures one should take in the event of a tarantula bite--though in many cases a bite is little more than a passing annoyance.
The book is illustrated with color photos and scientifically accurate drawings.

Authors: Marguerite J. Schultz, Marquerite J. Schultz and Stanley A. Schultz

ISBN10: 0764100769
ISBN13: 9780764100765