EAZA conference in Poland

Source: Eaza.net
Mid September, the 24th annual EAZA conference took place in Poland.
More than 550 participants were welcomed by the director of Warsaw Zoo, Jan Maciej Rembiszewski, by Poland’s minister of conservation, and by Bert de Boer, the chairman of the EAZA.
The keynote speech, given by Don Church of the Conservation International and IUCN/SSC Amphibian Specialist Group, concerned the alarming situation of amphibians.
The EAZA Conservation Campaigns formed the topic of the second plenary session. Lesley Dickie (ZSL) officially closed the Madagascar Campaign 2006/7. The total yield of the campaign amounted to €450,635.81. Several EAZA members were given special attention for their contribution.
The next campaign – EAZA Amphibian Campaign 2007/8 – has already been launched.