Source: Misset
Cattle Breeds, an encyclopaedia

There are very small cows and very big ones. There are red cows and black cows, white cows and light brown ones. There are cows with horns and cows without horns, cows with a lot of milk and cows with a lot of meat.
In this book, Marleen Felius has made an inventory of over seven hundred cattle breeds in the world, and she has made it as complete as possible. The cattle breeds are categorized based on their geographical spread, their historical background, and their external features. Never before did anyone classify the cattle breeds of the world so extensively. Marleen Felius created illustrations with water colour techniques. The animals are all painted from the same angle, which clearly brings out the differences and resemblances between the breeds.

Apart from an extensive description of the breeds, the domestication of the cow is also explained, and the question why the cow is seen as fertility symbol.

Author: Marleen Felius

ISBN 90 5439 017 4 GB