Author: Charlotten Uhlenbroek
Talking with animals

How do animals communicate with each other in the depths of the ocean or on the wide savannas? Crickets, lions, dolphins, and monkeys, every animal has its own reasons to communicate, ...
whether it is to find a partner, to scare of a predator, or to ‘tell’ where food can be found. Every species also has its own way of communicating. Shouting, singing, giving off scent or electricity, all signals matter. But what do they mean? And why?

The author takes the reader on a voyage of discovery to find out how and why animals communicate. She tries to unravel the mystery of what the animals are trying to say. Some signals of animals people cannot hear, see, nor feel. In this book, modern technology is used to make these signals ‘visible’.

Talking with animals
Charlotte Uhlenbroek
Hodder & Stoughton, 2002
ISBN 0 340 82123 X