Authors: David Frape & D. Frape
Equine Nutrition and Feeding

The book Equine Nutrition and Feeding has become a standard work on the subject. Many aspects of feeding and breeding workhorses, breeding horses, and growing animals are dealt with, based on scientific data.
Since the previous edition, which appeared in 1998, the book has been thoroughly revised. The book refers to over 400 articles written on research topics since 1998. the implication of new research on feeding programs are described. Attention is also paid to toxicology and to metabolic disorders in relation to feed.

Table of contents (not complete):
The digestive system
Utilization of the products of dietary energy and protein
The roles of major minerals and trace elements
Vitamin and water requirements
Ingredients of horse feeds
Estimating nutrient requirements
Feeding the breeding mare, foal and stallion
Feeding for performance and the metabolism of nutrients during exercise Grassland and pasture management
Pests and ailments related to grazing area, diet and housing
Laboratory methods for assessing nutritional status and some dietary options

Equine Nutrition and Feeding
David Frape & D. Frape
Blackwell Publishers, 3rd Revised edition
ISBN10: 1405105984
ISBN13: 9781405105989