25 Konik horses to Latvia

Source: groningerlandschap.nl
Twenty-five Konik horses from the Zuidlaardermeer were moved to Latvia in early December. The Groninger Landscape donates the animals to the WWF.
The Konik horses are taken to Lake Pape, a large nature resort in Latvia, where they will be used to put a halt to the forestation. The horses are offered to the keeper of Lake Pape. Many farms have been abandoned since the fall of communism, and everywhere forests arise. The WWF wishes to retain the varied historical landscape in Lake Pape and was very interested in the horses.
The horses have to leave the Zuidlaardermeer as it is too small for the expanding herd. It is not the first time that horses have been donated to foreign organisations. Latvia is the farthest destination up till now. The WWF will cover the costs of transport.