Author: A.C. Highfield
This is a guide to tortoises. It deals with the use of breeding tortoises in captivity. Breeding tortoises in captivity may be the solution for certain types that are threatened with extinction.
The animals are brought up in captivity in a protective environment. When they are old enough, they can be released back into the wild.
The guide described the outer sexual characteristics of the animals, the size of their nest and the size of the eggs. An entire chapter is dedicated to the eggs and the incubation. The development of the embryo is explained and the necessity of good oxygen levels and humidity levels. And what is the effect of the temperature on the time of hatching and the sex ratio? Then comes the designing of the terrarium for both youngsters and adults, feeding and problems caused by the wrong feed. This general section ends with the main parasites en bacterial complaints and their treatment. After this come thirteen chapters on thirteen different kinds of tortoises and their specific feeding, housing, and breeding issues.

A.C. Highfield,
Keeping and breeding tortoises in captivity
R&A Publishing Ltd, 1990
ISBN: 1 872688 01 2