Dwarf Hamster Feed

Source: EZNC
In the wild, the feeding habits of the dwarf hamster depend on its habitat. But there are similarities to be found. Favorite are seeds, grass and herbs. Fruits, leaves and carrots also form part of the diet, but also small animals, such as small beetles, spiders, insects and even snails.
The diet of the Russian hamster and Campbell's hamster consists mainly of seeds of grass and herbs. The Russian hamster does not eat any leaves and other stalks, but it does eat beetles.
Roborovskis rarely eat any animals. They are fond of seeds of herbs for insance the Siberian peashrub. This plant in found in their habitat. The Chinese dwarf hamster does eat animal food, making up almost 30 % of its diet. When seeds are sparse this could even be more than 60 percent.