Author: Tony Buffington, Cheryl Holloway, Sarah Abood
Manual of Veterinary dietetics

This manual is written by a team experienced in veterinary dietetics. It is an extended guide on how to feed healthy pets as well as pets that are ill.
The emphasis lies on dogs and cats, but a small chapter is dedicated to exotic animals. The book is designed to help vets, vet assistants and students to help out their clients with feeding issues. It is not meant to be a lecture on animal feed. Food recommendations are based on the actual physical and nutritional status of the animals. The book offers practical advice to pet owners, advice that can be followed at home.
The eventual aim is to improve the nutritional health of pets and to keep it that way. The book teaches in a way that appeals to pet owners. By involving the owners, it improves the quality of their relationship with their pet.
Commercial pet feed is also dealt with. The nutritional information on the packing is explained, as well as the claims that the commercial industry make. There are also suggestions for home-made feed.

The text is illustrated with many tables, figures and appendices.

Manual of Veterinary dietetics
Tony Buffington, Cheryl Holloway, Sarah Abood
Saunders (Elsevier) 2004
ISBN: 0-7216-0123-5