Rare hornbill in Avifauna

Source: avifauna.nl
Bird park Avifauna recently obtained two couples of an extremely rare bird: the Visayan Tarictic hornbill. Besides Avifauna, there is only one other zoo in the world, where...
this bird can be seen. This is Chester Zoo in England, which also has two couples.
The Tarictic hornbill (Penelopides panini panini) is one of the smallest species of hornbills. They live on the Philippine archipelago Visayas. In the wild less than five hundred couples exist, due to deforestations and hunting. The birdÂ’s status is therefore 'severely endangered'. Avifauna supports a nature reserve project on the Philippines with finances and advice. Confiscated birds are sheltered and bred in Avifauna in cooperation with the Philippine government. Eventually, these animals will have to be put back in the wild, in order to expand the population.

Bird park Avifauna is well known for the success of its hornbill breeding program.