Feeding chickens

Source: EZNC
The ancestors of our tame chickens lived off grain, carrots, small snails, insects, larvae and greens. Tame chickens have the same need of carbohydrates, fat, plant and animal protein, ...
vitamins and minerals. It also improves the health of the animals to make them search for their own feed.
The feed has to be delivered daily and fresh. The feeding bowls and water bowls have to be cleaned daily. The amount of feed required shows from the feeding bowls. When there is nothing left, the feed had been too little. When there is a lot left, the feed had been too much. If different kinds of feed are presented, the fowls will compose a suitable diet. For example, they will eat more (energy producing) grain, during colder weather.
Changing to a different kind of feed should happen gradually. Mix a little bit of the new feed with the old feed over a period of twelve days.

Water must be fresh, of good quality, not too cold, and always available.