Feed and diabetes in degus

Source: Diseases of small domestic rodents, V.C.G. Richardson
In nature degus eat branches, twigs, bark and leaves. The digesting system of the degu isn't built for digesting sugar and carbohydrates. Because of this, degus are prone to diabetes.
The right feed can enhance the life span op the degu. When degus develop diabetes they usually don’t live longer than five years.
It is advised not to feed degus any food that contains sugar, fruit, or fruit sugar. Feed with high levels of fat or starch should also be avoided.
Sunflower seeds, peanuts and corn contain too many fats and are bad for the liver of the degu. The basic feed should contain pellets (half guinea pig bits and half chinchilla pellets). Good quality hay (to eat and make nests) and fresh water should always be available.
Besides the basic feed, suitable additions are: dandelion or small pieces of vegetable (except for any kind of cabbage).