Lost Penguins

Source: vroegevogels.vara.nl
In the vicinity of the Brazilian city Rio de Janeiro five penguins appeared. Three were picked up by fishermen, two were found on a beach. The penguins have been taken care of by nearby a shelter in Nterói.
Every year there are penguins on the Southern Hemisphere that get lost in the Street of Magallanes, 4500 kilometers south of Rio. According to the workers at the shelters, every year it’s just waiting for the first lost penguin. The phenomenon would be comparable to our first lapwing eggs or the first herring.
The five penguins can now regain their strength at the shelter. Later this season they will be released back into the wild in the South of Brazil. If all goes well, they will be able to return to the colder areas of Patagonia and Malvinas (Falklands) by themselves.