Protecting birds of prey

On October 22nd, 2008, an agreement was signed by 28 countries in Abu Dhabi. The countries agreed to better protect migrating birds of prey and owls in Europe, Africa and Asia. The agreement involves 78 kinds of birds.
In some areas, the protection of migrating birds is worrisome. According to a study of the British government, more than half of the 78 species is not doing well.
The agreement which has been signed now is to make sure that there is more international cooperation in the protection of migrating birds. Each year, migrating birds cross the boundaries of many countries, but in each country they face a different legislation.
Now, new initiatives are being taken. One of these is the protection of areas that birds of prey pass through in great numbers, such as Gibraltar, the Bosporus, and Suez.

The agreement also involves the taking of action. This involves protection by law, protection of habitat, better enforcement, coordinated monitoring alongside migration routes and creating awareness with the public.

In Europe the Flora and Fauna law and the Bird and Habitat guide lines ensure a better protection. The agreement is part of the UN Convention of Migrating Species (CMS), also known as the Convention of Bonn.