Giant turtles trained to climb scales

In a Dutch zoo, two giant turtles have been trained to climb on a scale out of their own account over the last months. The animals have to be weighed four times a years and lifting them on the scale led to stress each time.
With pieces of apple, the giant turtles were enticed to climb onto the scale. The animals have also been taught to stretch their neck in order to take blood. The taking of blood and the weighing of the animals is necessary to check their health.

The Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea) belongs to the family of the land turtles. They are endemic to the Aldabra atoll but have also been released on other isles of the Seychelles. The Aldabra giant turtle lives in the dry areas of the islands, such as open spots in the wood, grasslands and in mangrove swamps. The animals are generally herbivores (fruits, parts of plants) but do eat bait from time to time. The animals can weigh up to two hundred kilos.