Live birth of elephants

In Antwerpen Zoo, the birth of an Asian elephant is awaited with a lot of excitement. As the zoo wishes everyone to share the suspense, a website was launched to follow the pregnancy and even the birth.
On the website, the elephant caretakers will keep a weblog. Also the vet and curator will contribute to the site.
Animal caretakers and staff all have faith in this daring initiative. Pjo Pjo is awaiting her third calf, which makes her an experienced mom. It is not known exactly when she was fertilised. The birth will take place either in February or May.

Camera’s have been placed in the Pjo Pjo’s stable, to broadcast the birth live. Visitors of the site can sign up to receive a text message when the birth is expected within the next two days. This is when the amount of pregnancy hormone goes down to zero. The birth can then be followed live from the site. Visitors of the site are also asked to pick a name for the baby elephant. The name has to start with a K.
Surf to the Dutch site
or surf to the French site