Source: Pan Macmillan Ltd, 2008
Going, going, gone

In this second edition of Going, going, gone 100 conservation organisations have picked a plant or animal they believe needs the most attention. This turns the book into an overview of what needs to be done the coming years.
Many scientists believe that we are on the brink of a new mass extinction, with at least a million species in danger of not making it through to the end of the century. One million species! How can we possibly turn this tide? Through conservation action, and by subtly reforming the ways in which we live. 100 conservation organisations around the world each nominate the species that gives them most cause for concern. Between them, they provide an overview of the work that we need to do now to save these and the hundreds of thousands of other similarly placed species before they're gone. The book contains two pages on each species along with magnificent photography and facts on what needs to be done in order to save it.

Going, going, gone
M. Tait
ISBN 9781845250584