Feeding young poison dart frogs

Source: De Pijlgifkikker, een temperamentvolle Zuid-Amerikaan, Stichting Sauria, 2005
The right feed is important for every animal, but especially for young animals, that are still growing. This is also true for young poison dart frogs.
Young poison dart frogs shed their skin regularly. In order to grow, they need good quality protein. A frog of only two months old is already capable of eating thirty tot fifty flies a day. This number will rise to a hundred to 150 per day.
Young poison dart frogs will first eat little springtails. After this, they’ll eat small fruit flies, followed by large fruit flies. Many owners feed their young frogs daily and the older ones a few times as week.
Besides fruit flies and springtails, it is recommended to feed vitamin preparations or chalk, but not at the same time. They can be used to powder the flies. Another possibility is to spray the frogs with a solution of calcium and magnesium, which can be purchased at a vet.

When feeding young poison dart frogs, it is important to mind the competition. This means housing animals of the same size together, in order to prevent the larger animals to rule over the smaller ones.