Source: Bonny Doon Press, LLC, 2006 (2nd edition)
The Complete Alpaca Book

This book offers an extensive overview of all important aspects of keeping alpaca's. The book starts off with the history of keeping alpaca's, the anatomy of the animal and with their behaviour and communication.
After this, it explains how alpaca’s are tamed and how they should be handled. Other chapters include housing, giving shelter, feeding and treatment (including diseases, mating and keeping elderly animals).
Special attention is given to the quality of the wool, such as the colour of the fur and the characteristics and preparation of the fiber.

New material in this second reviewed edition includes photo’s of different fiber made by an electro microscope that compare the hairs of suri and huacaya alpaca’s, vicuna’s, cashmere, angora, merino en mohair.

The book is nicely illustrated.

Authors: Eric Hoffman, Karen Baum
The Complete Alpaca Book

ISBN-10: 0972124217
ISBN-13: 9780972124218