Porpoise baby

Source: dolfinarium.nl
The Dolfinarium in Harderwijk, The Netherlands, rejoices with the birth of porpoise Kwin, as it is only the second porpoise ever born in captivity. Danish caretakers have come over from Denmark to help.
Denmark has its own shelter. It was here where the first porpoise was born into captivity. As not much is known about newly born porpoises, every help is welcome. So far, mother and baby are doing well. Mother Amber beached on the Maasvlakte in 2007, after which she was taken care of in the shelter SOS Dolfijn (also in the Dolfinarium). After treatment in the shelter, it appeared that she was no longer capable of hunting for fish herself. Therefore she was transferred to the Bruinvisbaas, which is currently home to eight porpoises that - all for different reasons - could not be returned to the wild. Every year, around twelve living porpoises beach on the Belgian and Dutch coast. SOS Dolfijn gives shelter to the animals and tries to return them to the wild.