Polar World

Source: deharpij.nl, photo: Anders Björklund, Orsa Grönklitt AB
Polar World is a recently opened section of Orsa Björn Park, a large bear park in Sweden. Ewa, born in Ouwehand (the Netherlands), and Wilbär, from Stuttgart (Germany), are first polar bears in Polar World.
In Orsa Björn Park brown bears, Kamchatka brown bears and other local animals, such as lynxes, live in a natural environment. Also Polar World has been designed to resemble the animals’ natural habitat as closely as possible. It has large, deep lakes, an artificial glacier and holes for hibernation. The ice scenery has been created with help of renowned glassblowers. Experts of zoos all over Europe have helped design the polar park. It offers education concerning the polar bear, their habitat and the influences of climate changes on the habitat. Polar World is also the first park that will start a breeding program for polar bears. Ewa and Wilbär have been chosen to play a large part in this.