Source: Hancock House Publishers, 2003
Captive Birds in Health and Disease

This book seeks to promote closer collaboration between bird-keepers and veterinarians. The emphasis is on maintaining health and preventing disease rather than treating ailments.
The book starts with a chapter on the biology of captive birds and its relevance to their care. In depth information is given on the maintenance of health, the importance of good management and the (early) signals of disease. Also the differences between infectious, non-infectious and multifactorial diseases are being dealt with.
In separate chapters different diseases are mentioned. There is a chapter on skin and plumage, on the digestive tract, on the liver and other internal organs, on respiratory diseases and finally a chapter on diseases affecting fertility, hatchability and the young bird.
Finally, some chapters are added that handle with medicines and disinfectants and accidents and emergencies.
Co-author Margaret E. Cooper is responsible for a chapter on legislation for bird-keepers. This covers legal issues faced by bird-keepers, breeders, rescuers and wildlife rehabilitators.

Captive Birds in Health and Disease, Gamebirds - Raptors - Parrots - Waterfowl and other species
John E. Cooper

ISBN: 0888395388