Gentoo penguins

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The Gentoo penguin is a midsized penguin species. They are known as the fastest swimming birds. Under water their speed can be up to 27 kilometres per hour. The Gentoo penguin can be recognized by its orange-red beak and the white patches above its eyes.
The Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) breeds on several subarctic islands. The penguin stands 50 to 80 centimetres tall. Its weight varies between the various stages of its life cycle. Just before moulting the animals weigh slightly over 8 kilograms, but at the end of the period in which the young are cared for, this weight can have dropped to 4 kilograms.
Two eggs are laid on a nest made of stones. The male and female breed in turns. After a breeding time of approximately 30 days the chicks hatch. They are then cared for on the nest for another month. After that, daycares are formed. The Gentoo penguins live in colonies that can be up to a hundred animals in size.

Their food in the wild consists of krill, shellfish, fish and squid. In zoos, the animals are mostly fed with fish (herring, mackerel and sardines) and when possible also squid and shellfish such as crayfish.
The Gentoo penguin is well adapted to life in extremely cold areas. Zoos have to take this into account. In warmer and temperate climates the animals have to be kept inside in a cooled space in the summer. Besides plenty of good quality swimming water a patch of land is required.