Source: Hancock House Pub Ltd, 2007
Pekin Robins and Small Softbills

The birds that are discussed in this book are pekin robins and other small softbill birds. The book is illustrated with photo's and watercolour prints made by the author himself.
The book is considered the most recent and comprehensive book on pekin robins and other small softbill birds. It is a good reference work for both novice and experienced aviculturists. It contains detailed information on and techniques for managing and breeding these birds.

The following topics are treated: biology, housing, predator management, acquisition, quarantine and acclimation, breeding, hand-rearing, feeding, cultivating live food, health care; and conservation breeding. The book also provides an extensive list (with illustrations) of softbill species.

Besides his beautiful illustrations, the author also included various case histories drawn from his own experiences with aviculture, which makes the book the more interesting to read.

Pekin Robins and Small Softbills, Management and breeding
Peter Karsten
Hancock House Pub Ltd, 2007
ISBN-10: 0888396066
ISBN-13: 978-0888396068