Veiled chameleons

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The Veiled chameleon is one of the larger chameleon species. Males can be over 50 centimetres long, the females usually stay under 30 centimetres. The Veiled chameleon can be recognized by a big 'casque' on top of its head.
Its body is somewhat flattened, so it can absorb much solar heat. The leaf-like shape of the body provides camouflage. The basic colour of the Veiled chameleon () is green (ranging from light green to brownish green), with stripes of yellow, blue and brown. The females tend to have a softer colour. The animals communicate with each other through their colour. Veiled chameleons are masters of camouflage. They can blur into the background and be almost invisible to prey as well as predators.

The animal’s feet are very apt for climbing and its tail often serves as a fifth leg. The round eyes of the chameleon are on the sides of the head and can move independently from one another. This allows the animal to look forward and backward at the same time. Insects are caught by focusing on them with both eyes and grabbing them with a very quick tongue movement. The insects then get stuck to the tip of the tongue. Besides insects, which is the main food source, leaves are also eaten.

Young Veiled chameleons are a miniature version of their parents. At birth they are only 3 centimetres long. Their food consists of fruit flies and small crickets.