Striking strawberry poison frog

Bright red, yellow and black are warning colours and they mean: I am poisonous, do not bite! The strawberry poison frog comes in many colours. It comes with a red front, a blue back, but it can also be completely blue, yellow or green, with or without black stripes or spots.
Female strawberry frogs fall for many-coloured males. This was investigated by manipulating the males’ colour with light. The gay colour is like a signal to the females: ‘look at me being all coloured!’ And I am still alive, so I must be a very fit male!’ Because animals that do not conform to the standard poison colour code run the risk of being eaten. Strawberry poison frogs are extremely poisonous. Predators that give a multi-coloured frog a try learn quickly: severe stomach complaints are the result.

In the wild the strawberry poison frogs (Oophaga pumilio) occur in the dense rain forests of Central America.