Publisher: Chelsea House Publications, 2009
Animal Defenses (Animal Behavior)

Insects that look like leaves, snakes that play dead, fish that fly and toads with poisonous skin. Animals can defend themselves in many different ways and some of these ways are quite remarkable.
Almost all animals serve as food to other animals and defend themselves any way they can. This book presents the wide variety of defense methods that animals use, the physical as well as the behavioural ones. The book shows how scientists continue to make new discoveries about the ways that animals defend themselves.
The author has written many non-fiction books for children and articles on natural history for adults. She is a regular writer for National Geographic World, Reader’s Digest en de Audubon Society.

Animal Defenses (Animal Behavior)
Christina Wilsdon
Chelsea House Publications, 2009
ISBN-10: 160413089X
ISBN-13: 978-1604130898