Source: dierenbescherming.nl
With the signature of the Eurogroup for Animals the Transatlantic Animal Welfare Council (TAWC) has been founded. European animal welfare organisations and comparable organisations in the US have now been united in the TAWC.
The director of the Eurogroup for Animals calls the foundation of the TAWC a historical breakthrough. Now the two most important trading powers can take up animal welfare in their future trade pacts. The Transatlantic Economic Counsil (TEC) was founded in 2007 by the EU and the US in order to remove trade barriers and differences in regulations. The TAWC has to collaborate with the authorities of the EU, the EU member states and the US. Topics like animal experiments, sustainable farming and multilateral trade interests will have to be discussed.

The secretarial offices of the TAWC will be in Brussels. The first chair person will be from the world-wide operating International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).