Turtles: The animal answer guide

The title says it: this book is a collection of questions and answers on turtles. The questions and answers give you a lot of information on turtles. How many species are there? Do they have teeth? Can you feed turtles in the wild?
One topic is the naming. What is the difference between a turtle, a tortoise and a terrapin? These terms indicate sea turtles, land turtles and fresh water turtles respectively. That is, when you are in the United Kingdom. The terms are used differently in Australia and North America. The book contains much more questions about the more than 300 kinds of turtles that live worldwide. The questions address a range of topics, such as behaviour, ecology, reproduction and development, the relationship between humans and turtles and turtles in modern literature.

The authors Gibbons and Greene are internationally known turtle biologists. With this question-and-answer book they provide the answers to specific questions. But this book is also interesting for those who just want to know a little more about turtles. The book is illustrated with beautiful photographs in colour.

Turtles: The Animal Answer Guide
Whit Gibbons, Judy Greene, photos Cris Hagen
Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009
ISBN-10: 0801893496
ISBN-13: 978-0801893490