Animals are also too thick!

After taking care of our own weight and that of our children carefully, now our pets are in turn. There has been established, that they become also too thick. Becoming thick is a natural process, which has especially a target in
winter. Generally, animals can find less food in that season. Then the fat can be used as a reserve. Furthermore, fat has an isolating function throughout animals have less cold. Because with pets no of these affairs are at the order, fat is not longer functional. Time to go slimming?

What not puts on is not necessary to take off! Better then slimming is to pay attention to what your pet gets for feed. In addition, less good customs like begging furnish supply many calories for your pet. Moreover, do not forget, other factors play a role by becoming thick, like castration or sterilization. Through thinking better about the feed of your pet, you might save it all disadvantageous consequences of obesity.

Tips: A trick is, to mix French beans through the food of your dog. French beans in cans contain little calories. If you replace a part of the feed by French beans, your dog really holds a full feeling. There is also petfood on the market that contains fewer calories. A kind of “light products” for your pet. In addition, the snacks; of course what will give a lot of energy! And to prevent that your pet is “lovely” begging, you can feed your pet before your own dinner. With a full stomach to habit of begging will soon decrease.