Family planning in chimps

Seven chimpanzee females in Burgers' Zoo are on the pill. Because chimpanzees have for more than 98% the same DNA as people, they can use the same contraceptives as humans.
The chimpanzees do not have to take a pill every day. The vet inserted an implant with contraceptive in the uppers arms of the chimps while they were under full narcosis. The implant, inserted between the biceps and the triceps, releases the contraceptive over a longer period of time.

It has been known that there are several different subspecies of chimpanzees, but only now, with modern DNA research, it is possible to determine very precisely the subspecies of a specific animal and whether it is a purebred or a mix of subspecies. The West-African subspecies is most common in European zoos. The coordinator of the European chimpanzee breeding programme has decided to breed only with this subspecies from now on, in order to build up a genetically healthy population.