Perfume for big cats

Large felids like jaguars, cheetahs and tigers, are attracted by perfumes. American scientists investigated which perfumes were preferred among cats. It has been known for some time that large felids are attracted by perfumes.
This is probably due to the musk that is used in many perfumes. Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society have now tested 24 different perfumes by spraying them on the trees in the jaguar and cheetah enclosure. The perfume Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein was the most popular. When given the chance, the animals were sniffing on it for a good 11 minutes. The perfumes Charlie by Revlon and Beautiful by Estee Lauder were not liked. They were sniffed for only a few seconds. Certain perfumes also led to certain behaviour. The big cats sometimes rubbed their cheeks by trees that were sprinkled with perfume.

According to the scientists there is also a practical side to this research. Large felids in zoos or wildlife parks can be lured with perfumes when they need to be examined for instance. Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein has been used in the Maya Biosphere Reserve when the jaguars needed to be counted.