Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell (2007)
Hand Rearing Birds

This is a reference work on rearing by hand for all common bird species. This book is a valuable guide for those working at shelters taking in young birds.
In the first part of the book, standard methods are described for hand-rearing young birds, including the necessary materials. Later in the book, specific demands for each species are discussed in more detail. All phases of young birds are described (just hatched; at the point of leaving the nest; after leaving the nest), as well as the effects of each phase, e.g. on feeding. Various diseases and conditions are also discussed.

This book gives detailed information; it is of great value for all those who work with birds, beginner and professional alike. The species-specific chapters contain information on a very broad range of birds: from penguins to flightless birds, from hummingbirds to pheasants, from woodpeckers to raptors and many more.

Both authors have many years of experience with birds in both zoos and sanctuaries. Besides their hands-on work, they also teach at shelters: about caring for baby birds and about wounds and fractures in all birds.

Hand Rearing Birds
Laurie J. Gage, Rebecca S. Duerr
Wiley-Blackwell (2007)
ISBN10: 0813806666
ISBN13: 9780813806662