Keeping a Myna as pet

Mynas need a lot of exercise. In the wild, they live in groups of 5 to 6 birds, though sometimes they may live in swarms of hundred birds or more. They can be found in figs trees that carry fruit. At home you can house a Myna on its own, although it’s better for the Myna to have a congener as company, as it’s a social animal and in need of contact.
For people with a job, who are not home during the day, it is best not to buy a Myna. Although Mynas can become very tame, they hate being held.

Mynas toss their food around. Housing them in a box case is therefore the best option. Feed and drink bowls should be fixed in the cage, so the powerful bird can not swing them around. Very handy are the feed bowls for parrots that can be hung over the bars. The bowls must be hung in such a way that the bird can reach it from the sitting stalk, without being able to drop his excrements in. The sitting stalk must be thick enough not to be enclosed completely by the bird’s feet. The number of stalks should be limited to allow to give the Myna enough space. Most Mynas love to sleep in a hollow. Give your Myna a sleeping hollow with an entrance hole that is large enough.