Lagomorphs: Health and Management

Rabbits are popular pets, and many pet owners take good care of their rabbits. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made, and not much is known about the care of close relatives such as hares and pikas.
This CD-ROM has bundled information on all of these lagomorphs.
The CD-ROM includes general information about species, appearance, behaviour, reproduction, nutrition, incidence, and threats in the wild. Detailed information is given on care, including husbandry strategies, accommodation design and feeding regimens. Discussion on disease and health include preventive medicine and dosing medication. Veterinary techniques such as anaesthesia and analgesia, wound care and surgical techniques are also covered.

Many photos and videos (especially of veterinary techniques) appear on this CD-ROM. Also included are lists of organisations (animal welfare, shelters, conservation) working with rabbits and related species.

Lagomorphs: Health and Management
Nikki Fox, Kathryn Pintus, Debra C Bourne (editors)
Published by Wildlife Information Network.
ISBN: 978-0-9551628-5-5