Publisher: Lyons Press, 2010
Forbidden Creatures

This book's author posed himself this question: what is being smuggled, from where, and how, and why do so many people have illegal, dangerous animals?
He describes his quest searching for this information in the book ‘Forbidden Creatures: Inside the World of Animal Smuggling and Exotic Pets.’

Laufer goes in search, in the United States and elsewhere, of the network of hunters, breeders, keepers and individuals. He speaks with people who deal in apes, lions, tigers and reptiles and he describes tragic accidents involving these animals. He looks for the people who smuggle animals and the people who try to prevent it. In Florida, Laufer visits people who buy Burmese pythons, and he goes to the Everglades, where nature organisations work to lessen the negative effects of invasive exotics. We meet hardened dealers and individuals with a deep love for exotic animals. We also hear from those who take action against the practice of keeping dangerous animals. Without judging, Laufer tries to map out the entire business. The illegal animal trade represents an enormous monetary value, comparable to the illegal trade in drugs and weapons.

Peter Laufer is a journalist and has authored more than a dozen books, including, ‘The Dangerous World of Butterflies’.

Forbidden Creatures: Inside the World of Animal Smuggling and Exotic Pets
Peter Laufer
Publisher: Lyons Press, 2010
ISBN-10: 9781599219264
ISBN-13: 978-1599219264