Animal Friendships

Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2011
Social behaviour between animals exists in many forms. There has been much research on aggressive behaviour, yet more often animal interactions are of a positive nature. This book explores non-sexual bonding behaviour in various bird and mammal species.
Anne Innis Dagg uncovers a whole world of complex social interactions involving food, the forming of coalitions, playmates for young animals, grooming each other’s fur, and ‘just’ being friends. Separate chapters discuss the various forms of friendships, such as those between siblings, fathers and sons, mothers and sons, and mothers and daughters, and also friendships within groups of animals. Separate discussions cover friendships between animals of different species and between animals and humans.
Besides describing the friendships and how and why they are formed, the author also explains the (field) techniques used to study this phenomenon. The book is illustrated with black and white photographs.

The author of this book has extensive experience in behavioural studies of both birds and mammals.

Animal Friendships
Anne Innis Dagg
Cambridge University Press 2011
ISBN10: 0521183154
ISBN13: 9780521183154