Publisher: Princeton University Press, 2011
Carnivores of the World

This field guide contains descriptions of all 245 terrestrial species of true carnivores, from the very familiar lions, tigers and bears to the little-known genets and caracals, and from the gigantic polar bear to the tiny weasel.
The book is beautifully illustrated with colour plates, including some showing variations in colour composition. Additionally, there are black-and-white line drawings of footprints and skulls. The accompanying text addresses distribution and habitat, feed, behaviour, social patterns, reproduction, lifespan and threats. Specific characteristics for distinguishing subspecies are also named. The introduction goes into the various families within the order Carnivora and the status of protection and endangerment of these animals.

Carnivores of the World
Luke Hunter
Illustrated by Priscilla Barrett
Princeton University Press, 2011
ISBN: 9780691152288
ISBN: 9780691152271