Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2011
Animal Migration: A Synthesis

Migration is the process of animals relocating from one habitat to another. Directed migration is sometimes referred to as a 'trek'. Much has been written about animal migration, especially as it relates to birds.
This book offers a very extensive overview of animal migration, relating evolution to ecology and management; it examines the link between theory and empirical research and covers all important migrating animal species, including humans.

Four main themes provide the backbone of the book: The Evolution of Migration, How to Migrate, Migration in Time and Space, and Broader Contexts. The second of these themes provides a discussion on the principles of locomotion, the intake and use of energy during migration, and how the decision to migrate is reached. The last theme includes the protection of migrating species and pastoral migration: mobile systems of animal husbandry.

The newest technologies and insights have been incorporated in research strategies: genomics, satellite-tracking and modelling, all related to the availability of increasingly faster and more sophisticated computers. The point is made that the subject of migration is presently a hot topic, especially in light of both human threats to animal migration and the role of climate change.

Animal Migration: A Synthesis
EJ Milner-Gulland, John M Fryxell and Anthony R E Sinclair (editors)
Oxford University Press, 2011
ISBN-13: 9780199569007 (softcover)
ISBN-13: 9780199568994 (hardcover)