Bumblebee gecko

Source: nationalgeographic.com, photo by Robert Fischer (USGS)
One of the islands in Papua, New Guinea is the backdrop for the recent discovery of a special gecko. A researcher from the United States on Manus Island looking for snakes was approached by a local resident with two unusual geckos.
Because the geckos are black with yellow stripes, they are called Nactus kunan: kunan means ‘bumblebee’ in the local language. This gecko has long, narrow toes instead of the flattened toes of the geckos that can climb walls. The reptile is about 13 cm lang. Its special colour combination allows it to hide on the rain forest floor.

According to researcher Robert Fischer of the US Geological Survey, it’s quite possible that more gecko species will be discovered on Manus Island, since the area has not yet been examined extensively. Among the unknowns is how many of the bumblebee geckos live on the island, and if the animals are endangered.

Geckos belong to the lizard family. There are many more gecko species in tropical and subtropical areas all over the world, in habitats ranging from rain forests to deserts.