Crab-eating macaque shipped out

At the end of October, there was a big shipping operation at AAP Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals in Almere, the Netherlands. A group of eighteen crab-eating macaques was moved from the monkey island to Menorca, one of the Balearic islands (Spain). There, the animals enjoy large indoor and outdoor quarters.
The macaques arrived at AAP in January: a laboratory had decided to stop primate testing, so a specialised shelter was needed to house the animals. At that point, the quarantine area at AAP was full beyond capacity. An enclosure on the monkey island was prepared for the new residents, where they would have access to a large outdoor area. The animals had to adjust, as they had never been outside. Because it was immediately clear that the animals would not stay at AAP permanently, a new home was sought – and found, in the Lloc de Menorca zoo on the sunny island of Menorca. There, the animals have access to a large indoor and outdoor enclosure. Fortunately, because these macaques were already accustomed to each other as a group, the move could be implemented quickly.

Animal protection authorities also played a role in the transfer of the macaques from the laboratory to AAP. All parties are happy that the animals received a second chance for a good retirement on Menorca.